The students are not permitted to borrow from the reference collection. These have to be used for reference within the library itself.  Generally periodicals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias etc. are considered as reference books. Other than these books of which only a single copy is available are also put into this category.

However, some reference books are issued to

  1. Phil and Ph.D. researchers on a short-term basis. In such instances a reference book is issued for one week, and it is the responsibility of the particular reader to return it to the library on the due date. However, it should be noted that some rare books are not issued even in this manner.


More than half of the total collection of books in the library is found in shelves as Lending Books.  Diploma and M.A. reader could retain a lending book for a period of two weeks and one month for M. Phil and Ph. D reader. If a reader desires to ask extension for the book, he/she should produce the book at the library counter before the date it is due to be returned, and obtain an extension. Only one such extension is given for one book.


Library Opening Hours


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The Library is closed on Sundays and public holidays.
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