Library Services

Interlibrary Loan Service :
When the PGIPBS Library does not own a copy of a book or Copies of periodical articles or short sections of books for the study and research of the institute scholars, borrow it from another library under the Interlibrary Loan service at no charge in order to extend the scope of research materials available to institute scholars and academic staff. If a reader needs such service has to make a request to the librarian.

Scanning Documents :

The scanning machines are available in the library and Users can scan documents at no cost.

Photocopying :
The library operates a photocopy service at a concessionary rate and the readers can obtain copies of past question papers and other relevant document through this service. Theses can not be photocopied.

E-mail & Internet Facilities :
Number of PCs has been installed for students and research scholars to access internet and online resources. A fee of Rs. 20/= is charged for each hour of use. Internet connection will be provided on Laptop brought inside the Library.

Use of computers & obtaining Print-outs :
Students are provided with the facility of using computers of necessary and laser print –outs could be obtained at a concessionary rate. This will enable the students to prepare copies of their theses fairly and easily.

Provision of library facilities to External researchers :
Library services are provided for the Past Institute degree holders and External researchers. (local &foreign) They do not permit borrowing library materials but only reference facility. Those who desire to obtain library services; can be obtained in following manner.

Single day library facility             Rs. 25/=
One week library facility              Rs. 100/=
One month library facility            Rs. 250/=

Every external member must sign the Register available at the entrance.