Prof. Wasanta Priyadarshana conducts Training Programme at Sitagu Ketumati University
Professor Wasanta Priyadarshana conducted six-day training programme of Buddhist Psychotherapy for Academic Staff and Students at Sitagu Ketumati University in Myanmar from 6th February to 14th February 2018. 



The library is located at the first floor of the PGIPBS premises. The mission of the PGIPBS Library is to support teaching, learning and research by providing the best possible information sources and services at right time for all users. The content of the library collection is mainly based on primary and secondary sources of Buddhism. The present stock stands at over 22,000 volumes including reference and lending materials. The Collection is extensive and relevant for higher studies and research on Buddhist Studies. In addition, the Library maintains collections of PGIPBS dissertations (theses) and past exam papers, for reference and archiving purposes. Library functions are fully automated through the library system. The library owns a printed version of the Pali Tripitaka in seven languages: Pali, Sinhala, English, Thai, Cambodian, Devanagiri and Burmese. In addition, the library contains a full series of Taisho edition in Chinese Agamas. It is a significant collection for higher studies.

Opening Hours and Holidays

During the academic period the library is open on week days from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm and on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. The library is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Library Services
Borrowing Facility

Library membership is entitled to borrow books as follows:
Diploma/ MA students are allowed to borrow three (03) lending books for a period of two weeks.
M.Phil. students are allowed to borrow four (04) lending books for a period of one month.
Ph.D. Students are allowed to borrow seven (07) lending books for a period of one month.

Reference Facility

Books with orange colour labels marked ‘R’ are for reference only. They could be borrowed only with special permission

Inter-library Loan Services

Readers can request books that are not available in the PGIPBS library collection through this service. Library will make arrangements to get the book for a period of two weeks if the requested book is available in other university libraries of Sri Lanka. Requests for inter-library loan should be submitted to the Senior Assistant Librarian.

Photocopying Facility

Available at the following rates:

Internet Facilities

Internet facilities are available in the library for students at concessionary rates.

Scanning Facilities

Scanning facilities are available in the Library for academic purposes.

Electronic Document Delivery Service for MPhil & Ph.D. students

This service provides free delivery of full texts of articles from e-journals. Readers can request required journal articles from databases such as JSTOR, Emerald Insight, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Wiley Online Library etc. For more details contact the Senior Assistant Librarian.


Inquiries are welcome from any user over the phone, or email.
Tel: 0112809460 or 0112809321 Ext: 20 or 21 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.