PGIPBS library is a research Library and it is the most resourceful information centre in the country in the field of Buddhist Studies in Sri Lanka. History of the institute goes beyond 30 years. It has a more than 30 year history. The main purpose of the PGIPBS library is to provide a quality service to support the teaching and research needs of PGIPBS faculty and scholars. The collection building manner of the library mainly devoted to Buddhism and its sectarian divisions. Over 15 thousand volumes are included and comprehensive collection of it is research – level. Tripitaka (Pali canon) is available in eight languages which are help to conduct the researches more precisely for both foreign and local researchers.  All the functions of library are computerized and the transactions based on the barcode technology. All the Registered Library Users are provided with a Bar-coded ID card and all the books in the library are bar-coded. Library consists with excellent physical space & a helpful staff.