Message from the Director

First, as the Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies (PGIPBS), I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students enrolling in our postgraduate study programmes in Pali and Buddhist studies.  I congratulate you on your selection of the PGIPBS, the only postgraduate institute in Sri Lanka for Pali and Buddhist Studies, to pursue your higher studies.

PGIPBS has earned recognition, within and outside Sri Lanka, for its efforts to reach excellence promoting postgraduate education in Pali and Buddhist studies. The staff of PGIPBS is well qualified, up to date in knowledge, and skilled in teaching and research.  The Institute has made significant progress in advancing both teaching and research at MPhil and Ph.D. levels. The Research Unit guides students to achieve the standards of research.

The library of the Institution enables easy access to a wide array of resource materials. The students can access Tripitika versions of all Buddhist traditions, collections of Journals, volumes of Encyclopedias of Western and Eastern philosophy, and publications on ethics, Comparative Religions, Buddhist history and culture, and languages of Pali and Sanskrit. The library is kept updated with all recommended and new publications.   

Equipped with all these facilities, the PGIPBS is currently the institution that produces the largest number of Masters and Research Degree graduates on an annual basis.  The range of academic programs offered by the PGIPBS has gradually expanded.  At present students can enroll in programs for postgraduate certificates, postgraduate diplomas, MA degrees, two-year MPhil degrees and three-year Ph.D. degrees in the field of Pali and Buddhist studies. The opportunities available in the Institute for majoring in Pali and Theravada Buddhism have attracted large numbers of scholars interested in learning early Buddhist teachings systematically.  Students can take advantage of the opportunities for studying philosophy and practice of Buddhism in institutions affiliated with the PGIPBS, which are located in Singapore, China, and Hong Kong.  PGIPBS constantly strives to meet the rising global demand for high quality and relevant education in Buddhism and related fields.

Studying Buddhism is not merely an academic exercise.  It is a life-enhancing discipline.  I hope that students enrolling at the PGIPBS will excel academically and reach greater heights of personal development.  

I wish you an intellectually fulfilling time at the PGIPBS.

Venerable Professor Kotapitiye Rahula

Director, PGIPBS  

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