The Department of Buddhist Sources offers postgraduate courses to students who wish to undertake higher studies and research in Buddhist sources. Currently the following one-year taught courses are offered by the department: Postgraduate Certificate Course in Pali, Postgraduate Diploma in Pali, and Master of Arts in Pali.  Additionally, students can enroll for M. Phil and PhD degrees by research on Sources of Buddhism preserved in Pali, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Chinese, and Tibetan languages.

Head of Department

Prof. Deshapriya Gunasena
BA (J'pura), MA (KLN), MPhil, PhD, Royal Pandit

Dr. Ashoka Welitota 

B.A. Special (PDN); MA, PhD (HKU)  

Research Interest

  • Research interests primarily lie in the Pali language and its literature
  • Theravada tradition
  • Theravada Abhidhamma
  • Studying the origins of Mahayana Buddhism and the earliest Mahayana sutras.

The Department of Buddhist Thought offers the Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies Degree Programs (Taught Courses). The courses are conducted both in Sinhala and English. The Department accepts the applications for MPhil and PhD programmes in the fields of Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Ethics, Buddhist Social Philosophy, Buddhist Traditions, Chinese Buddhism and Comparative Philosophy. Currently, there are large number of overseas and local research students pursuing their MPhil and PhD Degrees under the supervision of the Department.  

Head of Department

Rev. Dr. Wadinagala Pannaloka Thero
BA, MPhil (Peradeniya, PhD ( Thaivan National University) 

Research Interest

  • Early Buddhism
  • Chinese Buddhism
  • Buddhist Ethics and Western Ethics
  • Comparative Study of Pali Nikaya and Chinese Agamas
  • Gender Studies
  • Peacebuilding

Ven.Raluwe Padmasiri Thero
BA (Peradeniya, MA (NUS)

Research Interest

  • Early Buddhism,
  • Buddhist Social Thought,
  • Sociological and Anthropological Studies of Buddhism,
  • Buddhist Ethics,
  • Recent Trends in Buddhist Studies
  • Buddhism and Gender
  • Buddhism and Jurisprudence

Senior Lecturer
Dr. Rathnasiri Rathnayaka

Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies (PGIPBS) / M.A. in Buddhist Studies (PGIPBS) / M.A. in Linguistics (U Kel)/ B.A. in Buddhist Studies & English Lit & Lang (BPU)/ 

Research Interests

  • Early Buddhism
  • Buddhist Philosophy
  • Buddhist Philosophy of Education and Communication
  • Prerequisites for Buddhist Meditation
  • Buddhist Personality Analysis
  • Buddhist Ethical Philosophy
  • Buddhist Counseling
  • Buddhist Psychotherapy


Contact Hours

Monday & Tuesday 09.00-04.00

Ven. Prof.Raluwe Padmasiri - 0713443364

Tuesday & Friday 09.00-04.00

Rev.Dr.Wadinagala Pannaloka (HoD) - 0711134120

Wednesday & Thursday 09.00-04.00

Dr.Ratnasiri Rathnayaka - 0711461105

The Department undertaking to teach courses in the Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (Taught Postgraduate) Degree Programs, entertains the applications of the research students in the following areas of study: Buddhist History, Contemporary Buddhism, Buddhist Arts, Buddhist Civilization, Comparative Religions and Buddhist Psychology and Counseling within the field of humanities. There are large number of Research students enrolled in the Department for Master of Philosophy and PhD Degree Programs. 

Department conducts a Postgraduate Diploma and a Master of Arts Degree Program in Buddhist Ayurvrdic Counseling,  a new study area introduced several years ago. 

Head of Department

Ven. Prof. Miriswaththe Wimalagnana Thero 
BA (Peradeniya), Royal Pandith, MPhil (Peradeniya)

Research Interests

  • Early Buddhism
  • Theravada Abhidhamma
  • Scholastic Buddhism
  • Buddhist Art and Architecture
  • Buddhist History and Culture

Prof. P.R.W. Priyadarshana
BA, MA, PhD  (Kelaniya)

Senior Lecturer
Iromi Ariyaratne (PhD, BA (Hons.), University of Peradeniya), 

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